Shiiba-san no Ura no Kao Part 1

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The WWW H-Mercenaries are at it again. Doing some hot Yuzuki N Dash shit because it’s Yuzuki N Dash.
Before you complain “MUH IMMERSION” about leaving ‘AHHs” and ‘NNNNs’ out, take a moment to think about just what the fuck you are complaining about. Thank you.

Puchimasu TL: And as expected, this page gets me off the most <Page# Here>
Puchimasu TL: Meaningful relationships is my fetish
Meiru: You sick fuck.

Edit: There were balloons left without text. This is entirely Puchi’s fault. I updated the MF link.

[21:28:47] Meiru: Is it fine, do we need to bother with QC
[21:29:18] Meiru: People are just going to feel fap. I’m not sure what to do.
[21:29:24] Puchimasu TL: It’s fine, it’s fine

8 thoughts on “Shiiba-san no Ura no Kao Part 1”

  1. By the way 099.png has two empty bubbles, is this intentional?
    Also, any reason as to why no translated moan bubbles? It’s not really about immersion, it’s just that nearly every translated h-manga has them translated which makes it more apparent, people are just used to it. Not that I’m complaining, just honestly wondering :3

    • Yeah, that was just fixed right now. Sorry. As for why those balloons weren’t TL’d? They technically are. I can read and replace them, I’m just too lazy to go out of my way to insert that many two-letter phrases. They usually amount to double/triple the amount of actual text balloons, yet their significance is so minimal.

  2. So now you’ve picked up both Shinda Watashi no Monogatari *and* Shiiba-san? You guys are my heroes. Keep up the godly work.

    • Technically we haven’t picked up the former. At least not for a month or two to ensure no one really is bothering with it. This, has like 3 parts and the next two are really long so I hope I can do them in a timely manner.

      • Okay thanks for the info. I kinda doubt someone will pick up Fuuga though, it really wasn’t getting any love unfortunately. Either way, thanks! :]


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