A-blee, a-blee, a-blee, that’s all folks!

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Volume batch — DDL: [Mediafire]

And with that, we have officially completed volume 1. I’d like to get started right away on volume 2, but I can’t do that since it doesn’t exist in this dimension. For those who were not able to take the hint, that means the series is officially complete. There is no more.

It was fun while it lasted, but the source has dried up. I did see that a special edition of this book is now available, but I think the only new thing it features is a redesigned dust cover. Content-wise, it appears to be identical. There’s nothing stopping Mr. Miyata from going back later and adding some more, but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon. He seems pretty committed to his new series. Luckily, so am I. I’ll leave it at that.

Volume batch will be up in right now!

13 thoughts on “A-blee, a-blee, a-blee, that’s all folks!”

  1. I would bet on Inugamihime ni Kuchizuke being the series he’s going to do. It’s the most recent on mangaupdates and it’s ongoing so it fits his comment about the mangaka being committed to it. I hope other groups pick up Miyata Kouji’s other works, though, this story has made me a fan of his. =)

  2. This was a really great series that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon. Thanks for all your work translating it.

  3. Thanks for all your work on this series!

    While I agree that more would be nice (because it’s awesome), I’m also perfectly satisfied with the ending. It’s slice of life, so there aren’t any loose ends that needed tying up or anything like that.


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