The big book of Alien

Oh, My Sweet Alien! (full book) — DDL: [Mediafire]
Updated ToC — Just grab it from here: [WP Upload]

I may or may not add a post image later.

This batch is exactly what it looks like: all releases of Alien to date combined into one, easy-to-carry package. In addition to throwing every page into one folder, there are three very small differences:

  1. The table of contents has been updated to reflect the correct chapter titles. If you want that but not the rest of the download, you can grab just that one image from the link above.
  2. Half of the redraw for the title on the first part was removed to keep it consistent with the way we did the rest of the book.
  3. All embedded credits have been removed; proper credits were added as a comment to the archive itself instead.

Also, my apologies go out to SeventyX7. It was my assumption that people wanting to reupload would be on the lookout for this stuff, so I thought italicizing a note about it at the very end of a not-that-long post was good enough. It seems I was wrong. I’ll be sure to put a note about the next volume batch in very large, bolded letters at the very beginning of the post.

Feel free to post any mirrors of this batch in the comments section. If they’re for sites that don’t suck, I might add ’em to this post!

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