Watamote Vol.04 + Anthology Ordering Information

too much tomokoThis is severely overdue at this point, but as of today they’re actually on sale, so why not just do it anyway.
Should also check back to the latest Watamote release too, since there has been some updates.

Amazon.co.jp | Honto | YesAsia | CDJapan | Square-Enix Store

Volume 4
Amazon.co.jp | Honto | YesAsia | CDJapan | Square-Enix Store
[¥500 = $5.09 USD = €3.88]

Once again I recommend Honto or CDJapan with SAL shipping (2-4 weeks), or EMS (1-2 weeks) if you can afford it. The latter over the former if you can’t into runes. YesAsia can screw you over with shipment times. AmazonJP should be avoided unless you like paying 3x the price of the book for shipping itself. I have no idea how SE’s store works, but it’s advertised so I included it this time.

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10 thoughts on “Watamote Vol.04 + Anthology Ordering Information”

  1. I’m to understand the Anthology covers the first three volumes (similar to Azumanga Daioh’s Omnibus) since Vol. 4 is separate, correct? Or is it an entirely different set of stories?

  2. Will you be translating anthology? Is it even something that needs translated? I thought it was a fanart book or something but the cover has manga cells like all the other volumes. Bought anyway cause Tomoko but curious regardless.

    • Will we scanlate the anthology? Well, it depends on a lot things. The anthology itself seems to be a glorified doujin work by the looks of the preview via GanGan. That alone tells me it would basically be like picking up a whole new project. Plus, we have multiple projects ongoing right now, and a reputation of never finishing things and/or taking way too long to release. Ultimately the answer remains to be: I don’t know.

  3. Thanks for the infos :)

    But well… I won’t.
    The first reason is that I can’t read japanese, and as a big fan of Watamote, I just can’t buy it thinking I won’t hunderstand anything…

    The second reason is that the person that manage our E-shopping at home is Mum… And well, she alway ask “why do you needs this ?” ect, she’ll say me that bringing a product from Asia is bad for the planet, like the other time when I’ve won a mouse pad from an HK website…

    So well… I’d really like to read the antology, but in the way it is, I won’t…

    Sorry for alway telling my life.

  4. Already preordered. Went with YesAsia for that free shipping, that way I can buy more books. Can’t have too many copies.


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