It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.45

This is for all those leg fetishistsDDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

Delayed yesterday because SirusRiddler was tripping out and saw maggots on his floor, but then didn’t. Delayed nine hours today because I watched Evan– I mean G Gund– I mean Pacific Rimjobs

The anthology is in limbo now, due to me slowly realizing the amount of work needed to complete is way more than the amount of people involved can easily handle, so I added a poll with the options we have.
Also DDLs are still going wherever until I can find a good place that also has a RSS feed to view uploads.

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22 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.45”

  1. You should just release the raws if you can’t feasibly get to them.
    /a/ has proven on more than one occasion, that although many cooks in the kitchen can lead to the symptoms of translated/drawn/cleaned/etc by committee, that they can tackle projects on the short term when they really want to. A bad release is better than no release, or a mythical future one. I’ve been around Fansubbing/Scanlation long enough to know if something is stalled or pending for more than a few months it’s dead. While we aren’t at the point yet obviously I really don’t want to see that happen to yet another project I’m following.
    Take an honest look at your workload and release the raws if you’re dubious about pulling off a release in a realistic amount of time. If you’re insourcing new redrawers anyway you might as well release this to the “wisdom” of crowds.
    Thank’s for your continued work on the chapters.

  2. Release the raws for people who wants to read it on their own/for anyone else who has more free time to do it, and still consider doing it on your own at your own pace. There’s also no need to release it all at once. Chapter by chapter is fine.

    • My main (personal) reasoning to having each option basically be mutually exclusive is mentioned above for the most part. Manga is stupidly territorial compared to fansubbing. The only way to “exude dominance” over a series is to just start releasing translation for it. Having multiple groups doing a single series is a waste of time, so exclusivity is purely based on how available raws are to the average person. The harder it is to get them–in this case it’s just a paywall–the less likely someone will overlap. Once a manga has share raws though, it’s fair game for the snatch up.

      All this being said, I still would want to release the raws for those people that can/want to read it by themselves. I just don’t know of a good way to do that.

  3. Oi, upping the raws and ‘letting things happen’ is a bad move. Regardless of who ends up translating them (assumign they are translated) the Watamote series is irrevocably to WWW, because you were the first guys to step up to the plate, you are the ones who put out new chapters regularly, and let’s face it, Watamote is the only people have even heard of WWW. Leaving the raws in the hands of a less capable group you have no control over will inevitably tie the quality of work from the anthology right back to you, and if that quality is not up to your standards you an’t do anything about it.

    • While you do make sense, to a point, the majority of the audience of Watamote (and manga at large, really) don’t know of–or even care–who translated the manga they’re reading. That’s where the whole drama over “stop reading at mangafox; read at ” came from.

      Even still it’s not that I don’t mind a ‘inferior’ group of people doing it using raws I put out there. I just don’t want a group that is the type launder or extort money from readers in exchange for reading their version of the anthology. It’s a very low chance, but still a realistic ‘fear’ to have. If some other people buy their own raws and start doing it themselves, more power to them. At that point I would probably just stop trying to pursue it on our side, even if their release quality is shit tier, why overlap releases.

  4. I swear there were maggots on the kitchen floor. I was able to confirm that they did reappear by the garbage bin so I proceeded to NOPE back to my room and force myself to sleep.

  5. Thx a lot for the next chapter :)

    But… about the anthology… I wanna say ” What the hell ?”.
    I mean “How ?”. 163 files means that there are probably all images. But even 163 HD images aren’t supposed to make 4,53 GB ( It’s like a blueray movie). O_o

    Whatever, It’s seems to be pretty huge but you’ve scanned it. That open many possibilities.
    As I said, I’ll be abble to help. I have a lot of free time before middle-august.After that, well I’ll still be abble to help, but during evening after school and during week-ends. I trained myself whith my graphic tablet during this week, so It’ll ok for some redraws (I’ll do my best for even trying to manage the do the hardest things).

    It cleary seems that you won’t be abble to post the full anthology at the same time. I suggest then a chapter-per-chapter like you always do.

    But I guess WWW is cleary submerged by work. In the really ending, if you give up, then give the chapters to other scanlations team (it would be a shame because you guys do a perfect job in translation,cleaner,redraw, ect ). We won’t blame you for this.

    • Yeah, you could do that sort of thing. Perhaps letter it first, then just redraw the bits of Japanese text still showing underneath. It’d probably make things a lot easier.

      Anyway, “do what we can and finish it eventually” doesn’t sound like a bad option to me. Though it is like a lot of work, it probably wouldn’t be overwhelming if you took it slowly, like doing just one chapter/part a month or even slower. I think people wouldn’t mind waiting a long time for the anthology, just as long as it gets done at all.

      The second option sounds good too.

      Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

      • OH SHIT, when I wrote “Though it is like a lot of work”, I actually meant to write “though it is a lot of work”. Sorry.


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