It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Unpopular! Ch.06

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[24/7/2013 16:18:45] Meiru: delaying tomomote because I’m lazy and I want to sleep

Fun fact: 48% of the book is redraws (79/163). That’s a lot of pages and a lot of work. Here is a sampler of the first 10 pages that are redraws. These are not the hardest redraws by far, but still a good average of what is present. If you see yourself as someone who could handle this fine, then feel free to write in or leave a comment if the form is broken again. Don’t bother actually trying to redraw based on those pages though. They’re super low quality jpgs exported purely for translating.

I know a lot of people want this to go faster. Faster by disregarding quality and taking shortcuts. But if you want to basically see 50% of the book look like this, then I don’t know what tell you. しょうがないわね。

Also thanks to all those that already emailed about helping. I hope I managed to email back to all of you.
I really wish I had a secretary that could organize all this stuff for me. I’m sorry my emails are terrible.

17 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Unpopular! Ch.06”

  1. Why not ask around other groups and see if there are any other crews willing to help you out with a few chapters? They may not be interested or be too busy but it shouldn’t hurt at least to ask politely. I know Evil Genius for instance does very fine work but due to the scarcity of releases for the projects the do have, Berserk for example, they (at least outwardly) seem to have some down time.

    • The problem I have with that is I don’t like other scanlators (hence we don’t even joint), and even if I didn’t, the quality difference would most likely be enough to drive me up the wall. No offense to anyone, it’s just how I run the things I run.

    • Hell Yeha !!
      I’ve seen this yesterday.
      I’m glad Tanigawa Nico are making a new serie, they’re so great.
      However, I expect it will be a true comedy like Choku! (which I liked a lot.)
      But I whish they’ll continue Watamote for a long time.

      • Number Girl actually predates Watamote by about a year, in 2010. It got picked up for a magazine at the end of 2012 though (I assume this is the manga they talked about worshopping in one of the Watamote omake), and then a tank came out recently. I did think about buying it to scan, but I didn’t have any money. Also, I admittedly feel kind of bad (for them) if we picked up a third Tanigawa Nico manga.

  2. I appreciate you guys’ dedication to quality, looking forward to the anthology scanlations, no matter how long they take.


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