PSA: WWW might be moving(!?)

Hi, I’m not dead, but nor am I a scanlator anymore. Anyway World Three’s website may be moving in the near future! With that though may come a price. The price of losing the reader we have now. Alternatives include coding our own, not using a reader forever, or directly using Batoto. Any thoughts or comments on if you use the reader/how much you use it/don’t use it would be helpful to determine course of action.

41 thoughts on “PSA: WWW might be moving(!?)”

  1. I use the reader to support WWW, but would not mind using Batoto since it’s the one I use to read manga.
    Good luck with the new website!

  2. I’ve been using the reader, but only because of the convenient links you put up. If instead the link was directed at Batoto, I would just use that instead without any complaints. I’m already using Batoto for most other manga I’m reading anyway.

    • Pretty much this. I use the reader here, mainly because I like the darker background as opposed to Batoto, but I don’t have any qualms in switching if not having a reader makes it easier for you =03.

  3. I read WWW’s releases on the reader, yes, but it’s really not out of necessity but as a way of supporting the site rather than reading them on some composite reader site.

    If maintaining the reader is an issue and it’d be better for WWW to drop it and “directly use Batoto”, well, that’d be fine too. Batoto is my preferred reader site as well.

    Good luck with the move if it happens by the way. :)

  4. I always download chaptes and keep them, until an official volume in my native language is published (German WataMote fucking when?!). Saving single images from the reader is annoying, so I wouldn’d mind losing it.

  5. I mainly use the reader for the time being, but switching to Batoto would only amount to a minor inconvenience.

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