Shishunki Bitter Change Ch.04

Shishunki Bitter Change Ch.04 — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [Reader]

Volume two of this manga came out on the 15th, we ordered it and it’s arrived so that’s a plus. has really done a great job with shipping, it’s a lot cheaper than it used to be and it’s really fast.

Puchi doesn’t think this manga is a horror manga, but at the very least the ideas and situation is more terrifying than many I’ve read before.

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  1. My, WWW must be addictedto this serie for release it so fast.
    I understand you, thougt. The style of the manga reminds me

      • Well, I saw the post on /a/ and read through the whole online version basically at once, and just had to get this done. Some of the other people find it disturbing though and don’t seem to want to work on it, haha.

  2. Nice storyline so far. I guess they will also quickly tell the truth to the little brother.

    If the boy can keep his friend and brother in his life, it may sweeten the fact the new family he’s forced to live with is clearly lacking every nice things he was accustomed to.

    As for the girl, family ties apart, it seem she’s a clear winner in all this, although she may not realise it for now.

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