Watamote Ch.54

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Held back a few days to really look over the text a bit more… I left all my speed to mixing music.
Above is some mix I did recently. Tatsuta is the best Kancolle. I’ll fight you over it.

Oh right. The second to last panel of the chapter, with both Tomoko and Komiyama is a bit weird. That’s as best as I can emulate what the original text was styled as.

20 thoughts on “Watamote Ch.54”

  1. Great !!!
    You made my day, thanks a lot! :D
    I think I start to believe what’s wrong with those two:
    Their personality are based on a strong,persistant feeling , because they both don’t talk that much, so maybe it create kind of “spiritual interferences”. The feeling should be the deep inferiority complex for Kuroki and maybe for Komi an unspoken fear of doing mistake.
    So I think this is why they both naturaly don’t get along. If they both get along with lil’ Yuu, that because her peronality is softer, and she’s more compatible.

  2. that is a great mix and great taste in kancolles

    this is why i love you Meiru-chan

    oh yeah and thanks for watamote too i guess


    • As a matter of fact, it wasn’t specified at all who died or in what series, so I just put in something plausible because saying “Oh yeah someone dies at the end of that series” sounds kind of stupid

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