Black Bullet Ch.16


PuchimasuTL and I (and whomever we make redraw) work on this due to our combined appreciation for Morinohon, and nothing more. The art style of the anime is shit tier compared to the manga, or even the LNs. Good job Ushima Chiho. You ruined everything.

Probably won’t do Ch.17 anytime soon due to half of it being redraws, to which we would like redrawers. Watamote c58 is in redraws, Tomomote c11 is in redraws, everything is in redraws.

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10 thoughts on “Black Bullet Ch.16”

  1. I’m Still thanking you guys for the newest chapter, and praying for another one to possibly come out as well. You guys rock!

  2. Despite this being something you guys did this on the side but I would just like to say that i truly appreciate the translation of chapter 16 from the bottom of my heart.
    Keep at it and thanks again.


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