21 thoughts on “Based on True Events”

  1. So i have been reading your mangos for a while and you guys are awesome and probably not as lazy as i am :p

  2. No manga? What do I pay your for!?

    How’s the Watamote anthology coming along? I know it’s a side-project and must seem like a slog, just wondering what’s happening with it.

    • There are about 17 parts.
      So far, we uploaded Pt. 1-3, 5, & 6.

      We have Pt. 4 & 7 Cleaned and redrawn, but not translated or typeset.

  3. Give me my free manga already you fucking nerds.

    Nah I still love you, hurry the fuck up though

  4. i would call you guys lazy shits but i’m no better at getting things done

    except when you guys work on things people actually care and you have something to show for your work

      • i’m a lot lazier than you think i am
        first think of nothing
        then think of less than nothing
        then think of endless nothing
        and then at the end of that endless nothing there is me and all of the nothing that i do

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