13 thoughts on “Watamote Ch.63”

  1. Wow, that was a …. deep chapter. But Tomoko shouldn’t plan to rely on Tomoki when she grows up. She needs to make better future plan

  2. Hey WWW, would you please make a batch torrent at least once a year? Just original archives, with consistent naming, corrections, v2’s, watamote, omake, tamamoto, all that stuff. It will took ten minutes — I guess you have your own files saved. There is someone who made previous batches and decided to unpack images to folders, ffs, and there are 25 torrents for individual chapters with 0 seeders. Because of that, my watamote directory looks like shit.

      • Because there is still no batch torrent? Because not everyone uses enormous Javascript application just to transfer files?
        Ah, whatever. I’m not in the mood to write another lecture on why p2p shows more redundancy, data lifetime and is more future-proof than relying on single hoster, blog hierarchy, etc. KISS principle is still the best.
        If you say that files on Mega are officially latest & greatest and there is no need to read all the posts (and search any other places) to check for corrections, I guess I’ll make batch torrent of Watamote myself.

        • Yes. Unfortunately, you have to grow an enormous penis to not let something bite. For example, all attempts to download chapter 56 in last three days has been rewarded with “Temporary error, retrying”. Excellent! Just what I needed to teach novices.

    • Is there some reason that you want there to be a torrent? Just wondering.

      Anyway, I think they have a Mega folder which contains everything. I don’t know if it actually contains anything, but it seems to have a lot of stuff. It’s here: http://bit.ly/WWW-DDL

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