A Surprise

<~Meiru>: m3ow, ningen: Release leftover anthology raws to public? Y/N
<Ningen>: Go for it
<M3OW>: yeah, i don’t care

I’m dumping the raws for the unreleased chapters from the Watamote Anthology. These are chapters 4 & 7-10. For one reason or another they were never put on priority and eventually fell the wayside. Instead of stalling 5ever like a bunch of other things we have, you can just have them. Do whatever you want with them. Scanlate it if you’re so inclined.

Scanned in at 600DPI 16-bit grey, shitty auto crop, light levels applied, downscaled to 2400px.

Link to Raws: [MEGA]

P.S. We got a bunch of DMCA takedowns yesterday. All I can say is: (^:

9 thoughts on “A Surprise”

  1. Ha! Good thing I already downloaded all the chapters.

    So why the fuck would this be happening? Are they trying to save their precious print sales? Watamote was a free webcomic from the very start.

  2. Nyaa gets DDoS’d, Sadpanda gets DMCA’d, MAL gets hacked and now this. This can’t be a coincidence.

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