Bitter Change: Ch.10 & Ch.11

bitter_change_c010_coverBitter Change Ch.10 — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [Reader]
Bitter Change Ch.11 — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [Reader]

This is my series now apparently. Well, let’s give it all we’ve got.

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Release Notes:

  • The paper in Panel 4, Page 16, Chapter 10 is legible in raw, slightly illegible in release, even harder to typeset. Need to find solution for volume release.
  • K is more or less done with scanlation, unfortunate but it happens.
  • Speed of releases is not guaranteed. All chapters cleaned, but not translated.
  • Volume 3 is being ordered and delivered to Meiru’s house for scanning this time.

23 thoughts on “Bitter Change: Ch.10 & Ch.11”

  1. If there is one thing which always bothers me about series with (such young) kids like this, it is the high level of awareness and maturity. Complex conversations and sentences and a rather good vocabulary, too good for their age, specially when the story started with them being …10 or something?
    Sure I don`t have any idea if japans kids are a little bit more grown up compared to the rest of the world [anti-racism lol] … but with that young age it is always hard to believe they could understand and process happenings like they did in this series.
    If something like that would have happened to me I could imagine I would have simply run to my mother and crying like hell about what happened ^^
    The girl for example “only” cared about not being a bride anymore. Ok, I do have to understand, it is a manga but the authors tries to hard to let it look more realistic (which is mostly done VERY NICE). It is just a little bit sad the authors in general can not measure the mentioned awareness and maturity. The kids act more like around 16 already in some aspects (with the ability to process and analyze the happenings) at the beginning of the story. I just thought about it when I saw my brothers daughter recently (10). But since this is the internet I can imagine it is only “me”.

    BTW: Thanks for this series releases in general.

    • I get what you mean, and it totally makes sense. A typical ten year old kid isn’t going to talk like an adult that has seen the world back to front, it just doesn’t work that way. This is something I’m constantly thinking about and try to apply when I have to edit something.

      • “This is something I’m constantly thinking about and try to apply when I have to edit something.”
        It is no use. If the author screws up in these matters or thinks of it as “realistic” enough, there is not anything you could do about it.
        If the story would have developed more realistic both kids would have suffered mental breakdowns with worried parents, reception orders in a closed institution and releases several years later just to get laughed about in public school by other children who can not understand them about their pain.

        If their bodyswap would have happened some years later we would have gotten a clone of Yamada and the seven witches …

        Looking forward what might happen soon. Without ever having a chance to see the raws and knowing how long the story will go on, I could imagine some akward romantic relationships will occur in the near future and something tells me Yuutas little brother will also play a role in this to “mental yuutas” sorrow.
        But anyway, gonna better stop now. I think this is not the perfect place for discussions like this and somehow this could go on like forever. :)

  2. Do you guys think you’ll redo Demon’s with tank scans when they’re available? What with mag scans being what they are, and accidentally skipping a few pages in the beginning. Too bad Big Comic Spirits doesn’t have an ebook.

  3. Tank y ou son much for the new chapters.
    This série ils son amazing ans son sad.
    I hope they’ll change back et the end .

  4. Thanks for the chapters!

    Ooooh, plot. Interesting direction each of their lives are going, though, heh, current-Kimura’s troubles kicked in over a few minutes.

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