Bitter Change Ch.14: Send Help Edition

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Too much manga; too little time. Singular release on purpose, you’ll understand why in time.
I wish we had a PR person that would tweet about all the s!ckest 2ch/Twitter trends.

Release Notes (aka Meiru Rants):

Retract everything I said about the clean. Now that I’ve looked at the book (vol 3) in person I now realize that certain parts are meant to be as vague/impossible to see on purpose. I still don’t know if I’ll redo volume 2, but I want to try to push resolutions for volume 3. Last year I wrote a very long essay on the problems with releasing high resolution files, especially those out of a typical tankoubon form factor. I never posted said entry because it didn’t seem like the right time to do it. Now it seems a bit more relevant.

I can scan anything in at 12,000+ vertical pixels. This far exceeds any sort of normal reasoning. The problem with this is the size of what you scan. Last time I checked, tanks and certain magazines are printed at the same DPI, which is 300. The size and density on a typical tank compared to a magazine like Dengeki Maoh is pretty huge. That’s Dengeki Maoh in the back, a larger format tank, then a typical sized tank, then a light novel on top. Too bad I don’t have doujins on hand to also compare.

This is the same page scanned in at 600 DPI from a magazine and from the tank. The right looks neater, that’s because it’s already scaled to fit the form factor. From a cleaning perspective, both are excellent sources to work from. The left is that much bigger though, this yields more possibilities. A case of “bigger is better”. More room in between tones/lines to clean up and adjust. Which allows better translation to downsampling for larger releases. Despite having the source exceed the release resolution (let’s say 2800) by thousands of pixels, it still makes little sense to me to treat a tank and a magazine as the same thing. That’s kind of why everything I work on has varying sizes. Manga is not created equal.

I should just write all this shit on my own blog.

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  1. Okay, random speculation. If this goes the route that many other manga take, perhaps they switch bodies whenever they kiss?? Did they accidently kiss during the falling-off-a-tree scene? Then again, I could be completely wrong.

    But er, are they getting used to their bodies?? Yuuta (in Yui’s body) often refers to Yui as a “him”. Unless this was a translating slip, maybe he is just used to being a girl? Also, that last page. CONFUSION. When Yuuta said that Yui was his, did he mean as in the body? Is he just worried about the safety of his original body? Or is it jealousy? ((hoping it’s the latter buuut whatever. Maybe he’s attracted to his original body, lol.))

    And if this manga takes the romance route, won’t they be showing affection.. To their own bodies? ahem what

    I’m really confused so I will end this here

    • Are there even other mangas besides Yamada and the 7 witches following that pattern??

      “Also, that last page. CONFUSION. When Yuuta said that Yui was his, did he mean as in the body?”
      I would like to know as well. It looks like a word play but the situation is too damn serious to make stupid jokes. Maybe “he” in “her” body starts becoming more like a chick, while “she” in “him” is still “her” old self.
      Indeed we can speculate nearly without end in these matters. I hope for a new chapter within the next 2 weeks.


    Not that it’s ever been bad, but yeah…


    Thank you Meiru, please keep up the good work, it’s appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter ^^ we finally know what the thumbnail for the previous chapters are about, “idiot, don’t you mean this body is yours?”

    • I know this is a little bit far-fetched but maybe the story will end with “her” telling their kid “and this is how I became your mother”
      kid: *pokerface* *nothing to do here*
      No, I am not on drugs right now. It is not my fault, the story is too damn unique with nearly endless possibilities about what could happen. So far the author did not dissapoint me. I hope it will go on like this, just with more twists and turns in the future.

  4. Thank you so much for the incredible translations world three, i love this manga so much and it’s thanks to amazing people like you i get to enjoy it, again thank you for your hard work…you guys are awesome~!.

  5. thank you so much! you made me know about this shishunki bitter change manga! the story is so cute and i thank you from the deepest of my heart…

  6. Ouch, the travails of multiple analog to digital… Thanks to you & all others who have to deal with these quality issues.

    Love power! Hah hah.
    Oh, Ootsuka(Kimura), you’ve really done it….

    Thanks for the release!

  7. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the new chapter! and sorry for being a lecher who don’t really thanks you the way you deserves, sorry for the bad grammar.

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