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  1. SBC: Heh, Ootsuka(Kimura) has her priorities straight!

    Thanks for the release!

    Some nitpicks:
    On page 4, fourth panel, should there be a comma between ‘Thank you’ & ‘Aoki-san’? Same question for the last bubble between ‘Come on’ & ‘let’s go’. Hmm, the Kimura(Ootsuka)’s line is a bit awkward – perhaps drop the second ‘even’? Not sure it if helps but the repetition in short order is an issue as well.

    On page 5, on the sign, the comma after ‘need me’ looks more similar to a period.

    On page 7, third panel, should there be a comma between ‘were going’ & ‘you would’ve’?

    On oage 13, second bubble, should there be a comma? It does not appear the second half has a subject, preventing it from being an independent clause. Is the third bubble missing commas around ‘Kimura-kun’?

    On page 17, the second 4-koma, could it use a comma between ‘Good morning’ & ‘Kimura-kun’?

  2. Aaah, nice !
    Thank you /3w/, you see, you still hard , right ? (huehue).

    Wasn’t very satified by this watamote chapter thougt, about the content itself. I mean, what’s up with this 13-year-immature resoning she has ? She’s almost 17 for f*** shake.

    • But Tomoko’s always been like this – the point of the story is that it’s absolutely her own fault she’s not popular. She’s an awful person who looks down on everyone else and has an inflated opinion of herself (except where the reality became so obvious that she couldn’t deny it anymore, for example, having no friends).

      • Either way, it’s fairly obvious that the authors are already on the way out with Watamote and would rather focus on Number Girl. There hasn’t been any real development in years.

        • They should kill it off already.

          Each chapter lately is just more and more bleh.

          I’ll keep reading because I have a sense of commitment like that, but that’s it.

        • That’s a shame indeed.
          I mean, the reason number one I followed and became a strong fan of this serie is that, when I was 16 and 1/2, I saw myself in this girl.
          Pretty unpopular, pretty grumpy eyes bags, creepy blue/green eyes, shy, maze-as-a-mind brained,bored and also very sad…
          I can say she was, at least from a long time, very similar, and as year passed, I saw her improve, so I was.
          She was my ‘antimodel’ in a way, an I respected the author for it.

          But now, It’s sadly different. She does not improve. She still avoid people, even treats some as ‘loser’ even thougt she knows she might get along with them.
          So 2 options:
          – The authors are finally enough sadist for still keep doing this stupid “improve-decrease” loop. This is just wrong , not fun and simply sad.

          -The authors doesn’t have any idea left or/and don’t give a sh*t anymore, but for whatever reasons (money, edition exigeances), keep trying to delay the ending of the serie. This is also just wrong, desapointful and very sad.

          Or maybe both…

  3. Thank you so much.
    I’ve been waiting patiently and checking everyday.

    Keep on translating I appreciate you people a lot.

    • When I did read this, I was like “Hmm Smash Bros for 3ds? Nope, nope … stop thinking like a nerd” … browses mentioned chapter quickly … gets a good laugh at the morning.
      Nice one.
      Change: Oh well, so (s)he really meant “his” body only. Since the chapter did not end with a cliffhanger (or does it for somebody?) waiting for the next chapter won`t be as cruel as like it was before. Thanks as always.

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