Puchimasu 73 Rebirth

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Puchimasu 73 v2 – DDL / Reader

So I thought Meow botched the upload of this and I nuked the original post because I saw dupes on the reader.
Turns out it was just my office internet being a shit. Woops. I feel quite silly now. のヮの

Anyway, I’ll be attending AFA Singapore on the 6th of December for the iM@S and nagi segments. SEAfags hit me up. I know you’re out there. I’ll be the guy in the Yukiho T-shirt. Just give PuchiTL a couple hollers and maybe we can bitch about the state of the industry together some, eh?

5 thoughts on “Puchimasu 73 Rebirth”

  1. Late thanks for the last releases of Watamote and Bitter Change.

    Bitter is getting alway improving, while watamote is getting slightly better again.
    I found the old Tomoko I liked when I discovered the manga in this chapter, but that’s still the young adolescent, 15 old tomoko, just like everything else didn’t exist since 2012…

    • The thing to keep in mind is that PuchimasuTL has a big cock. Not many people know this. I learned this by searching google and closely examining his translations.

  2. Yay, a new release! Heh, yeah, it was strange for there to be no post yet two of the same chapter.

    Ooooh, that should exciting, hope you enjoy!

    Though the first thought here…..PuchiTL-ception? A pat on the back?

    Thanks for the release!

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