23 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.70 / Bitter Change Ch.18 & 19”

  1. My two favourite ongoing series right now. Thank you for keeping the torch lit, I couldn’t be happier!

    The scanlations are top notch, and the full weeaboo mode here on the homepage is manageable at best (thank you Google). However, the way the text boxes light up when typing is hurting my eyes really bad, and making it hard to see.

  2. I can’t speak Japanese, but thanks to the previous website, I can still posting somewhere my feedback about watamote and bitter change.
    That’s a relief to see our so regretted /3w/ loot was picked up by some trustable guys.

    I’m so sad they quitted, really, I loved these guys, specially Meiru (because we talked a few time here and here) and I hope they’ll visit this place sometime.

    You, new Team, please take good care of their heritage, for /3w/ sake and Great Justice !
    Also, thank you, now I’m sure these 2 series won’t fall in the abyss forever, just like Zero Escape and such.

  3. why in japanesse i dont understand a thing. BUT THANKS for bitter change! i’m just guessing this in the dark without translate it lol

      • From google translator I can somehow guess what you said: Well nevermind, it was a bad joke^^.
        Seeing this group suddently appearing and the death of an other one before I did ‘set’ a WRONG connection as it seems.
        Anyway, thanks for the chapters.


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