16 thoughts on “WataMote SP4 / Bitter Change Ch.20 & 21”

  1. Yeha, thank you for the releases !!!

    Watamote: thougt shor, I guess this one was kinda better than the lat one. I noticed Tanigawa liked to draw useless moments, like the moment she’s overenjoying eating her cake as if it’s your soul or the moment she’s peeing. Well who said spying on someone’s daily life is bad, after all ?
    When I saw the moment she noticed the incest porn DVD I was like “Oh god! Time to see how Tomoko Kuroki’s going to react to this.” . I guess her reaction was… normal, but I m plenty sure this is because it’s a weird porn. It’s strange thougt, cuz she used to buy weird porn in her young. Maybe she’s both troubled and excited after all, explaining why she’s accepting it and giving her own knee socks at him as wank material.

    But seriously,I don’t really get what she’s attracted by her bro’, no, why EVERYONE is attracted to this grumpy guy. Because he’s cool ? But he’s so arrogant ! I mean, his tsundere maners are like pissing me of. It’s even hard to imagine he ever laughted a day.

    Bitter Change: Once again, I must say this serie is getting better each chapter.
    The singer guy (can’t remember names) will notice the swap for sure. No matter what, the eyes can’t lie. The music guy must have noticed the eyes swaped.

    I’m just wondering of thing will turn out, but I feel like they’re going in a love-maze pattern, including this delinquant guy , just like this other manga named Boku Girl.
    Anyway, I wonder how this serie will end. Yuuta seems to bear his situation, thoug he must feel lonely in a world he don’t get, but Yui must feel bad now they’re in HS. I mean, even as a guy I can hunderstand her feelings. Their feelings.


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