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  1. Ah, my bad, I didn’t post my review yet this time.

    As a previously though, this High-School arc is leading us to a Love-Maze patern, just like in many gender-bender mangas actually.

    Since I’m studying computer science I’ll refer to the characters like this, once and for all.
    Yui(Yuuta): Yuuta (the boy) inside Yui’s body. (I know what you think right now, perverts!);
    yuuta(Yui): Yui (the girl) inside Yuuta’s body (I know what you think right now, you SICK perverts!)
    4eyes: the genius friend (since I wear glasses mysel, i have the right)
    song-boy: no need to tell.
    Delinquent : this dude unable to realise how much of a kid we are at 16 (atamote ch36)

    So 4eyes and yuuta(Yui) are gradualy falling in love with each other, and song-boy who’s about to figure out the swap is is gradually realising what was obvious from the very start.
    Meanwhile, in France we have around 20 persons shot dead, including jews and muslim in the name of the prophet honnor, and many injured, and meanwhile in Japan Yui(Yuuta)’s starting a flirt relationship with this Delinquent boy.
    Obvious scenario is obvious, but well, I’d be lying to death if I’d say I’m desapointed. I like shoujo mangas after all, and this artist style please me a lot.
    Now the true question is, how will this manga end ? Cuz it’ll end someday, right, Mr Gospel Sir ?

    After each releases, I see that Yui(Yuuta) get more and more used at being a girl, maybe if the swap-backwon’t happen, he’ll end up seeing himself as a her, just liked most gender-bender mangas in fact, and fall in love with Delinquent.
    But what about the other 3 ?
    Yuuta(Yui) definitively is a fragile girl, acting cold-blooded but actualy afraid, and want protection, but since she’s in a boy body, nobody’s ever figured and gonna figure out, exept 4eyes. She’s probably never gonna see herself as a boy.
    I think she and 4eyes will fall in live, but I wonder how 4eyes want to be with her. In her really body or in Yuuta’s body. I even wonder if he doesn’t have some feelings for his friend too.
    Song Boy, though, will certainly have a sad fate. He’ll fall in love, maybe because he’s attracted by Yui’s cute atmosphere even in Yuuta’s body, or maybe cuz he simply have preference for tsundere-like boys.

    I’m looking forward the the next chapters, it is alway more and more intertaining. Just hope the ending won’t be an open ending, without a real outcome.

    Anyways, thanks for the releases, and I hope the next one will have a chapter of Watamote too. :)


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