6 thoughts on “Bitter Change Ch.24 [Volume 3 End]”

  1. Hello there,
    since my last post was far to be late, I decided to post this release’s one as soon as posible.

    So this chapter’s reveal was unexpected. I mean, I though 4eyes meant Yuuta(Yui) as his Girlfriend.
    But apparently no.
    I want to say: “What the hell ?”, cuz, no matter what, this time, I just cannot understand (or maybe don’t want to) where the author’s going.
    So yeah; Yuuta(Yui)’s in love with him, and well, it’s like this 4eye dude’s telling him ‘Serve your righ, bitch, you’re not worth for my compassion.’
    Well, I see two ways here:
    1.) there’s a big misunderstanding here that I can’t cleary understand. Maybe this 4eye guy didn’t get how impactful his words counted for her, but it’s extremly unprobable. heir’s also the even less probable fact he’s doing it for the lulz and in order to take revenge of… nah, I just can’t convince myself it’s this. This manga’s turned to compassion and mutual feelings, not in negative feelings.

    2.) This new sub-arc is a way for the author to start a love story between those two, since 4eyes is off now. But man, it’ll so desapointing if so. I mean, those two are like bro and sis, living a ordeal that ties them together. It’s a bit like Toradora. Though, if you know the ending of Toradora, this manga’s turnabout may be the same, hue ?

    Anyway, I’m kinda lost this time, if /a/nybody have a idea of the next, please give your theory.

    Anyays, thanks Sir /gospl/ for the release.
    I know how hard and time so don’t worry for being a bit late for Watamote. :)


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