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  1. Thank you for the realease Mr /gospl/-Sir.
    Didn’t notice the release ’till now, but I’m posting my regular review anyway.

    And to be honest, I really can’t get the deal with this chapter. I mean, I know I said earlier I like Watamote cuz it’s different, but here this is a little bit too much.
    I mean, this is litteraly a chapter of nothingness, watching a regular japanese school trip, focused of the group of the “left over” girls…
    Ok, that’s grat, but… what the fuck ? Does people actually buy books where nothing is happening ? How come ? Why nothing is happening since at least 2 chapters ? Why would do such a arc for nothing ?
    No, seriusly, Tanigawa, What the Fuck ? Watamote known popularity for 2 things for me: the fact that nothing is happening like another Shojo Manga (and mostly anything would happen in real life) and among everything the very character of Tomoko Kuroki.
    But, here, even I, a deep fan of this serie can’t take it anymore. Tanigawa, if you have no idea left, please end it now, I’d prefer have a ending like this: http://www.noelshack.com/2015-06-1423263213-suicide.png than seeing much more empty chapters with an almost emotionless Tomoko.
    And you know what, it’s not even happening in real life. 4 people absolutely not talking at all with each other, no matter how socialy awkwnard they are, it’s not happening in a small room. It’s totally psychological. It’s not for nothing these rules exist.
    As a ex socialy awkward (still not so social), I can assure you that I spoke a lot more with other guys while being in a small room on school trip.

    Well, I guess this review sounded like a hate comment, but I’m honest here, and bad reviews helps to not do the same errors.
    I’m leaving these long comment cuz I love Tanigawa’s work, and I find this extremly sad to see two major principles of this serie is being torn in piece.

  2. Thanks for the release, I had to look up what a uniqlo was even though they apparently exist in bongland…

    Also out of curiosity is this site linked or mentioned on world 3? I’m probably just out of the loop but it seems as if you guys shot yourselves in the foot on keeping your readers since I got here though some online manga reader of one of your releases. Even though they kept your credits page since you can’t c+v it and part of the address is in hiragana it may be difficult for some people to find your official site. A little ironic that its みんな of all words. :)

    Anyways keep it up guys.

    • 私は、単一のエラーが表示されませんでした。



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