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  1. Please make an official v2 archive with corrected page. Without it, people have to distribute wrong translation or make their own unverifiable corrected releases.

    It would be a very quick job that greatly benefits many people in ages to come.

        • Penguin scantrad, the french team in charge to scanlate Watamote. The leader is a girl named Yuki’s.
          I was part of it like 7 months and such, but let’s just say I quit for scanlate bitter change by myself.

          The work is almost done but I don’t have much time since times are hard at university and in my inner self.

        • > technicaly saying he’s some kind of a crybaby, lazy dude spending most of this time doing half the things.
          >> No wonder he follows this manga.

          Have an ice day.

  2. Just noticed some chara details from the previous chapters.

    The black haired girl (not Tomoko) isn’t really a loner, but she’s angry against her friend(s) for being left over.
    The dyed haired girl seems to be a close-to-drop out delinquent girl.Japan sure have a true delinquent culture.

    Well, this is a worthless comment, in a worthless day, posted in a dark, rainy night. Just a momento for later I guess.

  3. Thank you for the release, but can you fix the mistake on page 1? What she’s doing would be much more clear if you edited this line:

    「まさかみんな部屋着だけじゃなく中身まで気を使っているとは」=Are you telling me that on top of their indoor wear, everyone even prepared their contents for bath!?

    “contents” means what’s inside their indoor wear, their body. In this context, it means pubic hair.

    Please fix it! :)

    • Eh,
      I kinda have my ideas, but not sure this will be SFW.
      One of my most innocent thoughs is she’s simply taking care of her pubic hair.

      Shall I give my other ideas ?

      • Oh, well, I didn’t realise it immediatly.
        Because, I mean… a scissor ? Aren’t razors more appropriate for this ?

        Well, she’s supposed to be around 17, so it’s not that surprising she has pubic hair, but still, a fucking scissor ?

        This will be rule34’d for sure.


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