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    • By the way, while we’re at it,I hope a team will, a day or another scanlate Number Girl.

      I’m not asking you guys to do it, (well I won’t kill you if you do it), but this is nescessary to say it time per time, some maybe someday a team that never heard of it will get curious, like it, then translate it. Maybe.

      Oh, and thank you for reintroduce the logo specie in this territory.

  1. Like a bolt from the blue, it’s time for BaGamman’s review.

    Ch74 was quite satisfying. I kinda liked it, even if this day Tomoko decided she’ll get rekt before dinner. This is probably because for a time, there’s more speech than thoughs (Tanigawa’s pretty good at making reallistic thoughs and speeches anyway… ok, maybe not for Serika, but whatever).

    So, there’s suddently a lot of things to talk about in this chapter. The gropping, Tomoko’s suicidal intents (joke), the curse, and the fact she acted like a idiot.

    Well, the least to say is that she’s not really a idiot. I bet she’s not a genius, but she’s cleary not half of smart. The true answer is she’s simply a kid.
    At the begining, since miss bTrayed didn’t have any balls to do it herself, she let Tomoko deal with the “delinquent” (somehow it sounds funny… right ?) . Well, about the gropping, I’m pretty sure she didn’t really do it on purpose. So ok, I’m not naive enough to think she didn’t get carried by her own… curiosity ( she always make this unique face when she gets curious and starts sneaking around and she’s bi anyway), but I don’t think she understood that being from the same gender bypass the fact you can’t touch somehow whenever U like. She clearly lived shut in and I don’t think Yuu is much of a teacher about this kind of things ( she hardly react when Tomoko said she’d bang the crap outta she if she were a dude in the beach chapter). So she got wreck eventualy by Tomboy (yes, I don’t think she’s really a delinquant) because she didn’t even understood she was going too far. Personnaly, it reminds me a story of that happened years ago, with a male classmate during a trip. Just like tomoko, I realised I did something fucked up at the moment I got this punch outta mah face. The only difference is it happened when I was like 12-13, I was a kid.
    This is why I still think, like I said, Tomoko’s not really a 17 year old girl, but a 14 yo or something girl in head. This is why she’s acting like this. She lacks proper education calibred for her age and her life is leaded as if she’s a 13. Her mother treats her like a brat, and her brother has no motivation to speak to her and we don’t even know what her old man looks like.Her avoidance personality isn’t helping much too. No wonder she got kinda retarded.

    I mean, look at her face when she’s touching Tomboy, she’s like a little kid exited while opening a present for Christmas. I don’t really know if there’s tons of person like this, but man, it hella exist.
    And this is for me the reason she wanted to curse people in the temple. She’s cleary having a bad day, and you’d lie if you said you didn’t evear want to spread chaos and death and trow schrodinger’s cat to the face of humanity while you were a kid. This is kinda normal after all, but specially when you don’t have much compassion for human race and when you’re kiddy.

    Still,this doesn’t excuse the fact she acted pretty bad with Tomboy. So ok, when she did her half apologies to Tomboy, she was pretty scared and fucked up even moar, and she probably sees all Boyish girls as delinquents cuz well when you don’t know, you base your judgments on stereotypes. Everyone knows gays dress in pink and Tomboys are either thugs or lesbians, after all.
    But still she couldn’t keep her mounth shut or watch before judging, so she would make up with Tomboy after all. She shouldn’t see bTrayed as a permanent support too. She’s not her mum (since she sees her as a 17 yo girl).

    Ch75 was pretty short… well.. it’s a gag chapter, we France and Belgium specialised in gag comics after all. Oh… and while talking about comedy, france and at the time of writting my bing actuality just told me 5 babies were found in a freezer. 素晴らしい この 世界…
    Anyway, this chapter confirms what I just said: Tomoko’s is a kid in a world were you can’t deveulop at your own rate.
    She’s still into toys, it’s obvious she still like these little katana things, while it’s a object rated “for middle schooler”. Furthermore, it was a passion shared by her brother when this dude didn’t turn into a asshole dude. This guy is as funny as a empty fridge, violent, not specialy good looking and still popular. Does he secret some pheromones which only Tomoko can counterattack or what ?
    Whatever, I hate him.
    It’s pretty funny to see how tomoko has a passion for gun, since middle school… maybe she’ll joint the yakuza in the future, who know ?

    Well, that’s all for now, I said I was going to post this review today, I kept my promise, for once.


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