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  1. I don’t want to presure you guys because I know this one is full of text , but I’m seriously expecting this chapter to be tranlated quickly.

    i’m in vacation in 4 hours.

    • Same for me. But we should count ourself lucky the series translation (which of course includes all the other steps like cleaning etc) goes on at all. Last year around this time it looked for me like it wouldn`t go on anymore.

    • In late 2014 I was thinking about scanlating to french the serie myself, but my comp broke and I could access my files for about a month.
      In the meantime I joined another group, so for now, it’s on standbye.

      I’m telling this just in case some frenchfags lost themself around here.

  2. Thanks for this new release, I appreciate it.
    The school trip turned out to be a lot longer than I expected, which is pretty cool. I thought it’d be two chapters at most.

    • Doing a review of each chapters during this arc is pointless then.
      I think I’ll w8 a bit till posting something long, mostly regarding of how important this arc would matters for the rest of the serie.

      I hope it’ll not be like President Girl, whom I was expecting moar of her during the chapters released this year, and I hope Tomboy and Btrayd will kinda befriend with Tomoko, so , if the serie ends during at the end of the third year of school, Tomoko will gradually get rid of her late childness and grow up into a open,mature looking lady.

  3. Thank you for the release.
    Keep doing it 4 zah lulz

    … Damn memories of mistakes from the past, they keep haunting me too.


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