23 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.80 / Bitter Change Ch.29 & 30”

  1. Tomoko and Simpleface-chan’s interactions were akward…. in a funny way. I guess Simpleface-chan is not so simple after all.

    Looks like this is the final school trip chapter. I hope the three new characters from the school trip will be recurring characters from now on.

  2. Thank you for the sbc release! Really enjoying everybody’s chemistry tbh hahahha. Even if they finally got back to their own bodies, I would be wondering what everybody’ll think of them.

    • As much as they wish it to happen, after all these years it would be more than just troublesome. I don`t think they could deal with it anymore.

  3. And they keep talking posh. Well, by turning 20 or something it is believable, but not with 15. On the other side the little brothers feelings were cought quite well, they seem realisic to me. But overall I dont think it is somehow possible for an author to capture the real way of thinking of kids and teenagers (since usually they are not aware of them themself sometimes as well IMHO), specially with a fictional situation like this one at all. This would be quite a challenge otherwise.
    For quite some time/chapters the story feels rather quiet to me, but in fact it is the silence before the storm.
    The last 3-5 pages of ch. 30 makes me wonder, if something is about too happen between the two of them. Was the concluding page in chap. 30 “canon” (I mean really part of the story or just some extra without any meaning?)

    Anyway, with chap. 34 are you guys then out of chapters for a while (waiting for the arrival of more volumes?)?

    Thanks for the stuff! No matter what`ll happens today, the day`s saved!


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