WWW Books: Mushoku Tensei Vol.7 — Prologue

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Hello, dear reader. Today I would like to say that World Three will be delving into the realm of Light Novel translation via Volume 7 of Mushoku Tensei. ?

The main reason for this is due to the fact that beginning with Vol.7 we see clear separation from the preexisting Web Novels. A whole volume consisting of original content.

An old friend of mine, Ningendomo, will be heading up translation for this. Meanwhile, I’ll attempt to edit it properly. We’re both huge fans of MT and want to do the series justice, unlike those that consider MTLs as perfectly acceptable. I am aware that the editing will more-than-likely have many comma splices and such, so feel free to comment about them. I’m trying to rapidly get better at English/grammar/writing in general, so what better way to receive criticism than by just putting it out there…!

The volume itself is incredibly dense. Chapter 1 is double the length of the prologue and it more or less doubles over every chapter until the end. If anything that just means it’s that much better.

11 thoughts on “WWW Books: Mushoku Tensei Vol.7 — Prologue”

  1. so LN vol.7’s story line (time line) is different to it’s counterpart of WN vol.7?? is that right?
    (as i recall WN7 is the school arc)…. what’s the difference/ what’s in LN vol7?

    • Vol.7 is basically the story of how he becomes the Quagmire, ends up traveling around in a party and gets into a short relationship with a girl (Sara) that falls apart rapidly. Rudi kind of glosses over it in a paragraph in the WN.


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