WWW Books: Mushoku Tensei Vol.7 — Chapter 1

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Hey! Not much to really say other than “Sorry it took so long”. We ran into some snags during the month of September, but in the end we still hit our estimate of having ch1 done by the 30th!

The translator–Ningendomo–has expressed that he would like to escalate the translation pace even further, going as far as to say, quote: “1 month if I can manage it, 2 months at worst”. So… I just hope I can keep up.

5 thoughts on “WWW Books: Mushoku Tensei Vol.7 — Chapter 1”

  1. Personally, I just can’t keeping my patient for waiting, but I know that translating is such a hard and confusing work, and everyone have their ow RL, so just take it easy and thank’s a lot!!

    And my favorite quote:
    “Sorry for bad English~” :v


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