9 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.87”

  1. Good work /gspl/, as alway you did a fast,nice work.
    To everyone being part of the ex-english forum, know I plan to seriously work on the new forum. I did not at all abandoned the project, but the webmaster closed the forum at the worst time ever.

    About this chapter, this is nice to see the group of 4 (Tomoko, Yuki and her friend whose I don’t know the name yet and Yoshida).
    Seems like Smile-chan (Uchii) turned into a love-hate status toward Tomoko, being frustrated Tomoko was kinda peeping on her, but just for the fact she’s a cheerlader .Due, I hate this character.
    In my middle/high school we did not do many sport events. Actually, we hade a 12 km lenght race each years, but that’s about it. And I’m kinda okay with that, because I’d really hate spending the whole day waiting for my turn only to fail at the end in front of everyone. I hope this “sport festival arc” won’t last too long.

    A little side note, I already noticed the artist had a tendancy to draw a bit too much crotch details when a character is wearing sport pants. I kept it for me since today, but this time, what have been seen cannot be unseen.

    You all know what I’m talking about
    http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/43/1445556408-toot.jpg XD
    Artist, you probably never see this, but know boys usualy wear boxers when they’re doing sport, because our stuff down there is as inconvenient as a woman running without bras.


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