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  1. Did anyone ever mention whether the LN vol 8 had the content of the WN vol 7 or if they skipped that stuff? In the comments of LN vol 7 here it was mentioned that the end of LN vol 7 was basically chapter 64 of the WN vol 7, however it seems that was before the LN vol 8 was out so I guess no one knew if it would contain the stuff in WN vol 7 or what would happen. Trying to decide whether I should wait for the LN vol 7 TL to be done before continuing.

    • You don’t lose out much by reading WN7-8 over LN7-8. The LN content is very much supplementary and just fleshes out what was nothing more than a timeskip in the WN.

  2. This is an excerpt from chapter 191:

    I examined the cat sitting down the basement, it breathed deeply and had a collar around its neck.

    It was a splendid cat.

    Though it was dirty, her ears were standing and her tail was waving to and fro.

    Not only that.

    What I first noticed were her breasts.

    Large breasts. I wondered if they are about the same size as Eris’s.

    She is wearing torn rags, which could barely hide her chest and waist.

    Supple and plump thighs, healthy brown skin and a tail which moved freely.

    “Ah! Boss, long time no see nya! I won’t forget this favor forever, nya!”

    “This morning, on the way back I picked her up! Her name is Rinia!”

    /end excerpt

    With this, it means either the author chose to change Rinia’s skin color in the LN, or Rinia somehow went from white to brown skin after graduating, since this is the first mention of her skin being brown in the WN.

  3. I just realized volume 8 doesn’t cover Badigadi in the illustrations :( I wanted to see the super rock bullet scene illustrated.

  4. HOLY SHIT!?!?!
    Where’s best girl Ariel ??? O_o
    also omg, why is Julie cuter than I imagine, ending up with … how is this possible( i’m on vol 23)
    F’ me I still don’t know what occurred in the cannon gap between being dumped by eris and getting to magic university… who was that mystery girl?
    You know everyone is F’ing cuter than I envisage, always imagine the cat+dog to be more animal-like; anyway *Thumps up*
    I can’t wait to see Eris now… Also thanks for upload – and Fitts cute as ever

  5. Happy birthday to you (I know I’m late) and thank the various gods that this is popular so that we get to see silent Fitts and maybe some more Nanahoshi


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