TomoMote Ch.15 — 28 [Series End]

H E L LFor the last year Dusthillguy, Meiru, and Ningen (DMN) have worked silently under the name Gospel. Today they officially return home, as the three pillars of World Three.

It’s rather difficult to format 14 chapters with two links for each one so… Here is a link to download them all together, and a link to start reading from Ch.15 on the reader. Special thanks to Clownboss and friends for helping out as well.

TomoMote Ch.15–28: MEGAReader
Ch.28 (By Itself): MEGAReader

It would take a really long time to explain why a lot of things happened. I’m trying to write a post about all of this, but it’ll be a while. For now, you can have this flow chart. (^:

Think you can place your irrational hate in the proper place now?


26 thoughts on “TomoMote Ch.15 — 28 [Series End]”

  1. not gonna lie but the www -> gospel -> www thing was totally a self-fulfilling prophecy
    When I saw Gospel was shutting down, my first thought was to check to see if this was back up. Lo and behold…

    glad you’re hanging in there but the implications make me fear the future

    • While it is a very, very real fear to have, I can assure you that the percent chance of it happening unironically is about 0%. The moves were done almost out of necessity but the implications via preexisting story arcs made choices such as using Gospel as a name/moving back to WWW a bit more compelling. The Nebula name was also quietly used as the name of the former WWW & Gospel joint.

      P.S. EXE4 fucking blows.

  2. Well, I expected I could do it one day, and it looks like this day finally came:
    Thanks a lot for taking care of Tomo-chan! Since it is released daily, every days looks differents to me this year.

  3. @BaGamman

    RE: Meiru =/= Gospel Leader

    That was me, yeah. It was *so obvious* that Gospel’s work was Meiru’s handiwork.

    I’ll admit though, I thought it was a one-person operation, that person being you guessed it.

    Color me surprised.

    RE: Tomo-chan

    Yes, Love Live Scanlations (MEIRU AGAIN BBY) is doing that along with M@Scans.

  4. Thanks so much for these. I felt the main series has been a little lackluster up until the last chapter but these more than make up for it. Also they are onto something with a SoL anime where the characters are actually self absorbed bitches. I’d watch it

  5. Thank you very much for the return to normal, although I imagined that something like that would happen.

    Indeed, Chapter 28 is not available, so I imagine that you have forgotten the final chapter by accident.

    • I mean, I HAD my doubts.
      Since someone said /gspl/ leader was actually Meiru.
      I wonder what happened to makes you guys close /w3/, open /gspl/, and a few months after re-open /w3/.

      By the way, are you the ones translating Tomo-chan and Tate No Yuusha ?

  6. You guys were Gospel all along? *gasp* No way! How totally not expected!
    Cool header animation on your new-old website btw. Who’s the artist?

  7. I’m glad all of this is over with, somewhat. Thanks for your hard work.

    I don’t read M@sterscanz all that much now when all they do are Idolmaster doujinshi and I ain’t even into Idolmaster(Puchimasu is kinda cool though). All I read now are Watamote, Bitter Change, Tomo-chan, and practically everything M3OW puts out.


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