WataMote Ch.90 + WataMote Anthology Raws (Part 11-17)

Watamote 90: MEGA ★ Reader
Watamote Anthology Raw 11-17: MEGA

We don’t really have the resources to do such redraw heavy chapters, so I figured I may as well scan the leftover parts for anyone that wants to do them, or read them. Mostly auto-cropped, scaled to 3000px, saved as full 8-bit greyscale PNG. Bitter Change is next week. MTv9 comes out in two weeks.

If anyone knows the chapter numbers that correspond with volume 8 and beyond, please let us know so it can be fixed on the reader.

12 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.90 + WataMote Anthology Raws (Part 11-17)”

  1. I notice in your Reader that since ch89, you have change the chapter name into [Mourning x] instead of [vol n Mourning x]. This cause naming from vol 10 onward to be out of synch with previous 9 volumes. Do you plan to do anything with this in future?

    • Oh. I need to go back and update reader links… This happened because the chapters tied to each volume were confirmed so it’s properly labeled. As of right now I don’t know what volume 10’s numbers are, but they’ll end up being updated too. This leaves quite a mess.

  2. BITTER CHANGE IS NEXT WEEK?? THANK YOU SO MUCH *and then I’ve just realized that today is Jan 20 and you guys posted this on Jan 7. But, still, you guys are the best :) been a fan since bitter change <3

  3. I just want to say that I’ve taken the job of cleaning and redrawing the Anthology myself. I’ll call later when all the pages are refurbished and see who will want to translate and typeset the chapters.

    See you in a month. Or several.


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