18 thoughts on “Bitter Change Ch.32-33 [Vol.5 Start]”

      • Thank you for your answer, but is my idea right, has it a connection to SBC or is it a self-dependent titel? For me two characters looks like yui and yuuta with 20….or a bit older.

        • None of the characters share the same names as Yui or Yuuta, so I assume it’s as it sets out to be, a one-off one-shot. Technically you can speculate it may be the same location (it takes place in a school) but they never mention anything explicit.

  1. Finally, Bitter Change come back!!
    Thanks a lot /w3/

    By the way, since I was planing to take care of the US->FR scanlation of this series by myself before integrating another group last year, and it’s seems for now this group is no more, I want to know if it’s ok to use your images so I’ll just have do a simple text clean, the translation and the typesetting.

    If I’m not being responded next sunday I’ll send you a mail, but I know you guys read comments so that’s why I’m asking here.

    • You’re free to do as you please. No one can stop you. Most of the other groups that retranslate it into their own language do so without ever asking anyway, but it’s nice that you do ask.

      • Of course we’re OK with it. The more people that can read and enjoy the series, the better. It’s nice to credit scanlators your derive from, but the real importance is supporting the authors and their works.


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