Million Live! Ch.05

Million Live 05: MEGA ★ Reader

Here is something that literally no one asked for. In fact, people actually complained that it was being done in the first place. Not that I care; Million Live is awesome. I love it enough to buy all the tanks (to debind and rescan it). This is also basically my first solo venture. Do note that releases are at 2600px.

Original translation by /@/non, some help from Puchi7TL, and ML2nd basically on loop forever in the background.

4 thoughts on “Million Live! Ch.05”

  1. No, really, this is amazing. Didn’t even know about this manga before you posted it here, but Million Live is awesome and I can’t even explain why. Though I’m guessing that was unfortunately the last chapter. What a shame, I’d translate the rest myself if there were more, it’s that great. I wouldn’t expect something like Idolmaster to run too long, but that ending was rather sudden.

    • Well, there’s two more volumes worth of chapters, and AFAIK the series still runs. I’d like to continue onward to get to the Julia + Tsubasa parts, but this is more of a pet project for me that I do in my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of. Right now I’m slowly redrawing the various pages for the next chapter, so hopefully I can get that all done sometime before the next month–or century.

      • Two more volumes? I’ve searched everywhere and couldn’t find a single chapter after that one, let alone two volumes. But to end with the main character in the hospital? Lol…then again, I’m fairly new to manga; the credits at the end threw me off. If you need someone to translate the next chapters while you work on your main projects, just show me where they’re at and I’ll be glad to. Although I’m only good with text, it might be of some use (unless you’ve already finished), and I’d like to know what happens next regardless…

        …I literally thought Karen was possessed by some spirit in that performance. There’s definitely something up with her.

  2. Well, since people apparently don’t appreciate you doing this, I’m just going to say thanks for scanning and typesetting this! I’ve been playing Million Live for a while now and only recently found that you’ve been doing this. I’m a little bummed that the arcs are only really focusing on the main trio, though.


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