WWW Books: Mushoku Tensei Vol.7 — Chapter 3

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The exponential growth of these chapters is quite staggering.

Like last time, editing-wise this is certainly not the best in the world. Slowly we’re finding our footing and figuring out how to format things. By the end I would like to go back and fix all the things that get solidified as time goes on so it’s more consistent. Not too sure on the timetable for the next chapter since TL-san has two jobs, and is graduating soon. Hopefully we both can find time to get stuff done.

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    • Nope, this volume is between volume 6 and 7 of the web novel. There was a 3 year time skip in which Rudeus spent his time adventuring while looking for his mother. This volume of the light novel covers it

  1. I’ll start with the main point of my comment: GOD JOB!

    Then, as the Spanish translator representative, I’ll tell you the main main problem I see:

    You don’t give a special format to Rudeus/Ludeus when he is thinking to differenciate it from the narrative.

    There are 2 possible reasons for this:

    1. You don’t see it as thinking and mix it with the narrative (sometimes is hard to differenciate).
    2. You don’t see the need to differenciate it.

    For example, our group uses cursives for the thinking, mainly when the person of the speaker swaps to first person and starts giving references to other series and slangs. Helps separating parragraphs and giving a hint to the reader.

    • Generally, we haven’t seen the need to differentiate it because the narrative right now is almost entirely what Rudi is thinking to begin with. That along with the fact that there is no formatting in the LN and we lean more towards replicating the overall formatting used in it. The problem is that we try to mesh the LN-style of formatting with an English-style of formatting, wherein LNs break almost everything literally line-by-line. There is no indication of who is talking–or much of anything at all. In Western and English-language books this sort of stuff is already preconceived into the lines written so it’s less of a problem.

      Sure, you can kind of solve this problem by adding an extra symbol or something to indicate it, but the goal here for us is to get better with translation, editing, and writing. Instead of just creating a shortcut as means to solve it, I find it’s more thoughtful to pull it back further and continue to evaluate how the text is being translated in English in the first place.

      • Your translation is quite good, so no problems there, I’m just stating my preferences.

        And yeah, the Japanese (at least the LNs) is quite confusing or repetitive with nouns in phrases because they speak very “machine-like”.


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