Bitter Change Ch.36 [Volume 5 End]

Bitter Change 36 [v5 End]: MEGA ★ Reader

With that we end the volume. I hope you all enjoyed the ride, even if it was rather short. If we go by the web releases it seems it’ll be a while longer until we get a volume 6–there’s only two more chapters after this. Technically we could use the web releases, but the quality of those pages is substantially less than that of Renai Kyoutei so it’ll look very, very rough. For now though, we’ll leave it at that, eh?

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  1. Six months have passed! *-* Is not out? Hahahah, it take an eternity to found the fansub of this manga! i have re-read the whole manga at least ten times… well thanks for the translation! :)

    • ETA on Vol 6 is probably… 6 months? Assuming Masayoshi starts releasing at least every month. That is the web release and its all serviceable but definitely far from ideal when it comes to doing the series justice. A lot of the art is diminished by how compressed and upscaled those page are.

      • I don’t know if it to much work but is it possible to make the translation first on the web chapter and later on the “volume version”? The translation is finished (than) it’s “only” the work to position etc. the texts again.

        But…as SBC Fan you know long waiting times. I’m happy to find the chapter after a new volume here. For me is a breakup of the project far and away more worse than a long time to wait.

        And sorry for my bad english. It’s not my native language. ^^’

      • yeah the compression and low rez are sad realities, you have waifux2 caffe that can denoise the jpg compression and upscale quite nice. Nothing beats the RAWs but you can always translate SBC’s web releases and do the raws later. Since you would already have the translations and typesetting done, should be a piece of cake!


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