WataMote Special #6

Watamote SP6: MEGA ★ Reader

Hi. Sorry there’s been like… no response at all to those that have been asking questions and stuff. Personally, I’m feeling a lot of burn out when it comes to fan translation so I’ve temporarily taken a step back from things and only show up to work, then disappear again. Hopefully I can bounce back quickly and get things back up to speed soon. Sorry for any trouble this may cause.

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  1. You’re doing amazing work releasing these translations so quickly after the initial releases of the chapters!

    I’m sure plenty of people (including myself) would happily lend assistance with some of the work to be done. If not translating then editing/typesetting, etc.

    Lots of us love your work so please reach out to the community for help before pulling any sort of vanishing act!

  2. You’re like a superhero! I’m always in awe of how fast and how good these translations are. I’m never sure if it’s appropriate to say this, or if it might be a touchy subject, but it seems like the fan translations are usually better than the official ones that we’ve got to wait months and months for.

    I’m wishing I’d said so sooner. I know there are a lot of folks who feel the same way.

  3. Is that Million Live again? ~-~

    If you’re burned because you’re translating that, is there any way we can help?

    If you’re burned because you want to translate that but there’s other stuff first…I’d gladly do it for you. Lol.

    • Well, a lot of people have offered to translate all sorts of things in the past few weeks. The problem there is that because I’m burnt out in general (hence ‘fan translation’ and not exclusively scanlation), even if I accepted help with TLs I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the other things that need to be done aside from TL.

      • Is this in anyway threatens the release of Watamote chapters, I’ll gladly reboot my cleaning, editing, typesetting, and (minor) redrawing skills to keep it all rolling.

      • Ah, I see. And I was wrong about the manga…shows how much I know lol. But not to badger, just like Not One Of Us said, if there’s anything I can do to help with the load, I’ll be glad to try. Thanks for everything so far.


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