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  1. The LN table of contents have a bunch of new “Sylviette” chapters. Are these actual new chapters, or old web novel chapters re-written?

      • I saw some LN extras that are new from the old volumes, and while some are merely supplementary others change the character relationships quite a fair bit, such as the first time Rudi eats a Nanahoshi dish at KDK.

        Volume 12 is also out I believe if you’re still interested.

  2. hoo… so volume 11 of the light novel is the chapters since the cute sisters came to rudy’s house until he is starting his adventure to find his mother with elinalise huh.
    Then the next volume will definitely be about the journey during the adventure, chapters in the dungeon where rudy and roxy is reunited also where his dad killed, and roxy became the second wife.

  3. Question: Since I haven’t seen any postings of extra chapters since the one of Aisha’s carriage ride towards Milishion, are there extra chapters in the other volumes?

  4. Up untill know, I’ve been only reading the Manga version of Mushoku tensei (I’m a big fan of it), but I guess I’ll read the novel during summer eventually, so thank you in advance.

  5. Thanks as always, Nanahoshi a cute.

    Are you by chance willing to disclose your ripping method? I’ve a bunch of novels that I’d love to rip and share as well on my account.

      • Getting the illustrations at least in their native resolution would be plenty already.
        That damn reader of their simply stretches them to fit the window (in most cases) and I’ve got a bunch from different labels (Dengeki, GA, MF, Sneaker, Fatnasia, etc.) which makes it even worse since they differ in resolution as well.
        So, if you really don’t mind, please.

        • If you were the person that emailed a ways back about this, that was a time when there was a secret to hold. As it is now though, all the tricks have been stripped. Unfortunately, I don’t have the secret answer you want since this time I had to screenshot rip it. Only reason why these are “native” resolution is just in relation to knowing the exact size the window must be. It is far from a flawless solution, as evidence by the aliasing on the edges of the images. Even then, apparently my copy didn’t come with another image other copies did. Unfortunate, but whatever.

  6. I much prefer a picture I can look at without scrolling, so these are good.

    It looks like there are even more minor story changes in the novels now. Probably not really changes so much as additions, and lengthening though.

    I’m seriously hankering for the LN translation.


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