WataMote Ch.97

1460420972394Watamote 97: MEGA ★ Reader

Sorry, I’ve never had to work on a whole chapter by myself before. Because I had to do all the parts it took about ~13 hours total to do. Much thanks to Saeger for being “The Pinch Hitter” and helping me make sure things were as Tomoko as can be.

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  1. @Meiru @shitstormIhelpedcreate
    Of course cover your ass, just irks me that the “normies” are forcing people’s hands through superior numbers/bullying again. My personal favorite would be NORP, prenormalfag normalfag and not by dictate of the normalfags either, plus you can’t get called a homophobe for it. A petty defiance for a petty man such as myself.

  2. Thank you for this chapter !
    It gave me the creep though, what’s wrong with this girl ?

    I can’t help but think this “I hate animes including violence and death” thing was full of hidden meanings.
    Let aside the obvious passive-agressive warning from Nemo, I wonder if it’s not some kind of message from Tanigawa Nico themselves.

      • I don’t know what’s the big deal around this normie/normalfag war in Reddit and /a/, but I’m pretty much ok with both terms.

        • It’s a reaction to chan culture being made politically correct. It was always normalfag until people came who found it offensive, not realizing that the original users of chans were typically the ones being called fags at school. The word was reclaimed like black people and nigger and then a bunch of outsiders came in and tried to dictate how we should post from our very own basements. Just because you don’t know doesn’t make it irrelevant.

          Obligatory REEEE

    • @BaGamman: They don’t mean the same thing and are used by completely different sets of people. It’s understandable people are upset.

      @kagerou usui: As I said somewhere about this, the usage of “normie” is literally just to be safe; I know that the overall correct term would be normalfag. Hell, I used it before three years ago or so, but you also have to understand that WataMote fans and Tomoko herself aren’t the same as three years ago. To get the point across specifically to a wide audience of people, that’s the word that had to be used. Whether normie or normalfag was used would tingle the autism of a lot of people either way. There is no winning.

      • Personally, it’s less that I wanted the term used to have been “normalfag” compared to how I really dislike the term “normie” and the subculture it’s associated with. “Normal people” might have gotten the point across to the wider audience and avoided the whole argument as far as I see it.

        • It may or may not have. Who’s to really say. I think the usage of the term did what it was meant to do, which was brought about a discussion not just about words used, but also relation to Tomoko and people like Nemo.

      • Well, isn’t it time for surprise hot stream of piss into unprepared faces, just to remind them they are not in Disneyland.


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