WataMote Ch.99 — Post AX Edition

Watamote 99: MEGA ★ Reader

AX was fun. Met cool people; did cool things. Would do again next year, hopefully under a different premise. Oh, and this WataMote chapter took a bit longer than expected. About ~6 hours, sans TL.

11 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.99 — Post AX Edition”

  1. For the last panel, Yuri isn’t saying she doesn’t understand them, she’s saying those two don’t understand each other.

  2. Too bad, I really want to go to Anime Expo a year or another.
    Meeting you guys and YandereDev would have been fun. But that’s it. Are you guys somewhere in that photos ? And… Oh wait, that’s Aksys games right ? Are you guys actually interested in the Zero Escape franchise ?

    Anyways, as always thank you guys for the scanlation. To be honest, these day that’s the kind of thing I really need.

    • This was at an [email protected] meetup/mini concert thing, and I’m taking the picture so I’m not in it. I’m not into the Zero Escape series, but Ningen is, so we went to the panel for that where Kotaro Uchikoshi talked about how the 3rd game came to be.

      • Too bad, if I knew that before, I’d asked Ningen to tell Uchikoshi I had to search in all Halifax a store selling a PS vita compatible pen because of him.


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