WataMote Ch.100

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If you told me on October 10, 2011 that I would still be scanlating, let alone working on WataMote, I would have called you fucking crazy. And yet… here we are. Thanks to you all for being a huge part in making this series what it is. We–I–honestly would not even be here if not for this very manga. In commemoration of this milestone I blended in a bit of the old with the new as a throwback to a time when things were much more simplistic and driven by sheer force of will. There is much more I could say–but alas, it’s very late here, so I leave you to enjoy the chapter. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for this I been reading since you first translated chapter 1 an gradually over time been falling in love with this manga…oh great now I’m getting all choked up Just…T-Thank you~

  2. Meiru, the Tomo-chan tumblr is all messed up.

    See: Sidebar, header links.

    Blame tumblr.

    Posting this here since why not.

  3. Congratulations on the milestone! Despite the dick jokes and yuri teasing, these are some of the most human characters I’ve seen in manga, and I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am that you allow us access to their lives. And to keep the feel and integrity of the humor, too, that’s quite an accomplishment!

    • Honestly, I think the biggest key factor in having the translation be so grounded is that I was the one on staff that basically lived a life like Tomoko. I was a literal shut in for about four years (I’d been outside less than 24h total in those four years) struggling with chronic depression and anxiety, and also had a very pessimistic view on everything. If you look back at the tumultuous life World Three has had as a group you can see a pattern emerge due to these problems I had.

      Like Tomoko and the story of WataMote though, I’ve slowly ‘grown up’ and overcame my depression and all that. I think this adjustment in mindset reflects itself onto the script we end up with and how it comes off as humanistic. It’s written from experience.

      • Don’t forget people will respect you the most from your acts.
        At least, this is why I respect you the most, Meiru. You managed to maintain a team for several years, always did excelent jobs and you always managed to make the good jock when needed.

        Dude (or girl ? frankly this is a mystery I’d like to maintain for a lttle while), you may think you didn’t do much, but you freakin did a hell of a heap.
        Look at all the communauties around the watamote universe, the unoficial english forum, /r/watamote, /a/ and all the fanfics made by western people. This is all thanks to you and your friends. I’m sure even Tanigawa Nico are grateful for your work.

        You indirectly made a lot to me. Before watamote I never really did read that much scanlations. You were my entrance to a whole new universe. I decided to scanlated myself thanks to you. I met people thanks to you. And I could never be gratefull enough for that.

        Meiru, thanks. Thanks Thanks Thanks for everything.

  4. Thank you for saving me from my depressive mood a hell number of a time.
    When I first following you guys, I was only a lost 16 guy.

    I don’t know if we will ever met someday, but you guys has been an important part of my life.
    T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U !!!


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