9 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.104”

  1. Wow… I was just wondering whatever happened to any rumours of Watamote S2 anime. I had an 80% feeling it wouldn’t come out because I had read in places it wasn’t received well.. and then I thought.. I hope someone’s still scanlating it… and I go to Mangafox and see how regular the release has been since 2011!! And floof, I land here and see this awesome pixel and nyan art and basically a log book of the blood and sweat of all this time.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! For all your time, effort, and sheer will to make these scans available to us useless fans all over the world. Blesssed be thy soul!
    Wish I could help some way. Maybe when I’m a NEET again…

  2. Whew! Get well soon! I was afraid maybe you’d gotten caught up in an evacuation somewhere or something. :)

    We can wait for the new chapter (though it’s not easy!) but be sure to take care of yourself first!


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