WataMote Ch.117

Watamote 117: MEGAReader

Suppose this can be a brief event report. Ningen and I met ye famed PuchimasuTL this last week at Anime Expo 2017. We all met there partly just to meet up after knowing each other forever, but also to help Sekai Project with their booth/to mingle with other industry people. Overall it was a fun experience full of debauchery, idols, and a ton American-portioned cuisine.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    I keep seeing the word “peak”, which I thought meant “topmost part of a mountain-like or pyramidal thing” in contexts where I expected to see “peek”, which was what I thought meant “short glance”. I’d usually blame lack of knowledge or a minor spellchecking mistake (it can happen to everyone), but it’s all the time and everywhere, by people with no grasp of spelling and by spelling masters, and the second word is nowhere to be seen.

    Have the rules changed? Was I wrong all along? Is there a fad or a meme I’m missing on? Am I me? Have I crossed to an alternate reality?

    • In this specific case it is a spelling error that was only caught in hindsight. It’s one of the many words in the great English language that is spelled/defined differently but still pronounced the same. As such, people tend to lean into one spelling over another through word repetition and in turn that becomes the default for all uses.

      Granted, this is all avoidable given more time to disassociate from script and allow one to view it back with a fresh mindset. Turnaround times are very strict though, so small things like this slip by. A lot.


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