13 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.122”

  1. I love Yuri more and more with each chapter. She is so cute, intelligent, and seems so cool (coincidentally in the Quiet Girl way that Tomoko failed at), but Mako has been her only friend for so long. The smile should could barely contain when seeing that Mako, Tomoko, and Yoshida wee all in her class was super heartwarming. It also makes me sad when I think back to the field trip and how emotionless she was, later it being revealed that she had been in a fight with Mako. That one friendship must mean so much to Yuri; when you don’t have many friends, those you do have seem like things you have to guard with your life. It makes me happy to know that while she was helping Tomoko, Tomoko was unwittingly helping her as well.

    Poor Komi-chan though. She just wants to share her deep appreciation of the Lotte Marines. Also I get the impression that Itō doesn’t really care too much for her. Besides Yuu, it doesn’t seem like she has any friends at all. Of all the characters, I think I’d want to be Kotomi’s friend the most. I hope she eventually becomes more than the butt of jokes.


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