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    • The line it happens in is a trail off/cut off and it jumps forward to Nemoto with the implication that the girl gave a full self-intro. It’s strange.

  1. Thankdt you for the translation.

    As the download folder has been restored, here a question I’ve been wanting to ask long ago: are those archives the latest and greatest at any given time? You don’t version your files, and there was a number of times edits and corrections were mentioned. How do you keep them matched, is it a manual or automatic process, etc.?

    • Typically the files in the download folder and on the reader are the latest version at any given time.

      There haven’t been any edits or updates to this chapter, and when there are small errors, they are usually fixed within the first hour after release so an update isn’t announced. In the extremely rare case of needing a re-release, the file will say {v2} and all social channels will indicate a update has been done.

  2. I’ve seen people continually complain about your translations and their accuracy, but I want to say for my money that I’ve always loved them and in great part informed how I view and remember this manga. You made Watamote “feel like Watamote”, if you get what I mean.

    And thanks for the new release.

    • Well, a translation at the end of the day is an interpretation—a second-hand opinion. And like with most opinions you don’t agree with: you either find someone whose opinion matches your bias, interpret your own first-hand, or do neither and just complain about how it’s wrong.

      WataMote presented here is World Three’s WataMote.
      It’s not Tanigawa Nico’s (though we try to get close), nor is it Yen Press’.

    • It is not like someone else is translating! Proper person will just add corrections to the releases instead of spreading shit in the internet! And I bless those people who translate manga for us into english. There are so many interesting series to read, yet many will never be translated or was “dropped”(which is very sad indeed). Thanks a lot to those who make Watamote available in english!

  3. First, thanks.
    And now don’t laugh at me, please.
    “Watamote is reaching Pulitzer levels of quality”.
    It’s not entirely a joke. Every scene in every chapter for a while now is PACKED with situations and meanings. And the thing I think is most impressive, there’s a palpable sense of continuation. When people talk about the “character development” must be because of this. Nothing, no matter how small, if forgotten. Everything matter for these character, nothing is wasted.


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