WataMote Ch.136

Watamote 136: MEGA ★ Reader

We will be attending Anime Expo again this year because it’s part of our jobs. This pins the next chapter on 5/7, which is right in the middle of AX week. We’ll still try to get it out despite this within 24h, but can’t promise it will happen.

If you’re attending AX, come say hi!

10 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.136”

  1. Thanks, wonderful new chapter, it has become one of my fav mangas thanks to your translation work, I wanna keep reading for a loooong time, this chapter makes us notice that without knowing it, Tomoko, is getting to know her friends very well, the last girl crying at the end, I wonder if it was because Tomoko gave thought of her and brought her a manga according to her personality, or that she was crying because she was sad for thinking she was so aparte from her friends,

  2. Thanks for your had work as always.
    Wew Yuri becomes more interesting every chapter. Also I bet little fang bitch cried too but she’s too good at hiding her feelings.

  3. I really love this manga. It started off hitting home way too hard and I had to stop multiple times from second hand embarassment. Now it has developed to be very wholesome. I feel like I have grown up together with this manga.

    Your translations are well done. I don’t speak any Japanese, but with fluent English I rarely if ever notice errors or anything that breaks immersion. I guess that’s why you’re a pro now. :D

    Thank you for all your hard work. I’m glad you grace us with these quick releases.


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