13 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.140”

  1. Katō is so sweet and accepting. Normally the super fashionable idol would be superficial or dumb but Katō is one of the more perceptive and empathetic characters. I love this about Watamote.

    Damn, is Katou a “saint” or is she really “that” interested in Tomoko?
    I understand her wanting Tomoko do open up for her, but they way she got jealous is a bit… too much?
    And fantastic development for Tomoko as usual. Even very nervous now she is able to think and reason fast enough to respond immediately and not regret later.

  3. Thanks again and I’ll repeat what I wrote on Reddit:

    “I have to give the writer(s) a lot of credit with this chapter. Asuka got to find out Tomoko’s true nature (as expected), but Nico Tanagawa spared us a typical Spaghetti Story. Tomoko may yet suffer negative consequences for her openness, but not in Asuka’s eyes….”


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