WataMote Ch.144

Watamote 144: MEGAReader

Looking for some feedback: What things can/should we do for the fans since all we literally do is hide in a bubble and come out to release stuff. Like if we should open up a chat server or answer questions, etc. Or just keep on releasing silently.

34 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.144”

  1. The people who watched your translating streams seemed to really enjoy them, but if you can’t do that because of your work then understandable have a great day.

  2. As someone obsessed with WataMote, I Love the work you guys are doing!
    I don’t really have an opinion about chat or whatnot as I’ve just been silently reading lol.
    I guess it might be nice to hear news related to WataMote events/activities if you guys are involved in such things.

    ps. It really can’t be helped LOL!

  3. is there supposed to be a page 16 for the new chapter? the way the chapter was going it seemed like there would be one more page to wrap it up, plus it was missing the usual “date of next chapter” box


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