8 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.151”

  1. Can Yuri and Tomoko just bang already? The sexual tension between them is insane in this chapter.
    Then again, the sexual tension between Tomoko and everyone is getting out of hand. If this was an H-series, I would expect it to end in a massive orgy

  2. Some people are going to have a great time about the fact that Tomoko and Yuri went to bed together.

    Thanks for the translation, again!

  3. Smiling Yuri-chan is super cute! That place actually looks like a lot of fun. Well Tomoko and Yuri had fun anyway. Next time a double date with Yoshida and Mako!

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    Gotta love the dichotomy between Tamura’s reaction to events and then her using said events to totally screw with people she doesn’t like. Lul.

    And that expression she makes on pg. 11, holy cow. Too cute.


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