11 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.155”

  1. GREAT CHAPTER, thanks to the kind person(s) doing this translation for humanity, made my day, hilarious Kuroki faces and comments!!, Cheers

  2. Oh yes, I still remember than one IRC chat, Meiru.
    You still hiding when the sun rises, dude ?

    Also, I’m gonna leave this here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtGdfkkGoxk
    What the fuck is 7 years, anyway ? We’re gonna live forever anyway, and yet we’ll never be quite the same.

    Right now we are the middle children of history, dudes. We’ve been born too late for conquering the seas, and too early to conquer the space, so at least let’s keep conquering the digital seas, the one leading to the deepest part of people imagination. And this includes Tomoko being proposed some titties gropping.

  3. thanks for the chapter!
    still, i wouldn’t like that things get too spicy before school ends. that would be too unrealistic.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful translation! I am amazed that Tanigawa seem to be essentially going for it, baiting and ambiguity be damned! Has it ever been played so straight (heehee) with the MC of a shounen?

  5. Oh. My. GOD!
    I needed this so bad and holy shit pretense just went right out the window! Asuka is serious GF material now! Still, I have to say Sasaki is kinda hot!


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